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The phrase “good things come in small packages” springs to mind when thinking about the magical destination of Montenegro. Just two thirds the size of Wales, this beautiful country is packed full of adventure, discovery and relaxation and will not disappoint.

Located on the Adriatic Sea, it’s home to stunning beaches, breath-taking mountains, rugged National Park, canyons, ancient walled towns and wonderfully friendly locals. Fancy some adrenaline hit the mountains quad biking, mountain biking, rafting or zip-lining.  Or chill out on a private yacht taking in the stunning crystal blue waters, islands and beaches.  Visit the ancient walled towns or relax on a sun filled veranda or beach eating delicious traditional dishes and drinking the local’s very strong national tipple, Rakija. Oooh and worth a mention, there are plenty of places to party into the early hours.

Montenegro is a Mediterranean wonder and not be missed out on!

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