Monthly mayhem!

Excite. Incentivise. Engage. Motivate. Entertain. Reward. With Virtual events being the "new normal" for the time being, a regular client reached out to us and tasked us with creating a virtual wonder! The brief was to create and run a three month long incentive to increase sales and motivate teams.…
Molly Matthews
June 22, 2021

Virtual Wonder

The new "normal" way of delivering events, creating WOW moments & memories. It's fair to say that the last year has been a complete rollercoaster. If we all think back to April 2020, did we really know what was to come in the following months? One year later, we think…
Kate Anstis
April 19, 2021
London ShardBlog

VIP London

Occasionally you just need something that makes you feel a million dollars and genuinely think WOW, is this real life!? The Freshly Squeezed Team recently made this happen on an event a little out of the ordinary... A fresh Saturday morning at the end of February saw the day start…
July 19, 2020
FSE Christmas BlogBlog

The dreaded C word…

There’s no denying that the world is currently facing some extraordinary challenges that no one could’ve imagined 3 months ago. There we were all thinking that Brexit was going to be the hot topic of 2020 but here we are amid the COVID-19 drama! There’s no denying that the world…
July 16, 2020
Stay HomeBlog


The current circumstances the world is having to exist through are mind boggling. We’re facing situations that nobody could even begin to imagine just one month ago. COVID-19 has completely rocked our world and everything we thought and knew to be “normal”. As we move into the next stage of…
July 16, 2020
Chewton GlenBlog

Chewton Glen – The gem of the New Forest

Chewton Glen really is a hidden gem of the UK. Located on the edge of the New Forest it ticks every single box for a typical quintessentially English Country Manor House & Hotel. As you enter the property up the long & winding driveway you instantly feel at ease. Miles…
July 16, 2020
Board MastersBlog

The Boardmaster catasrophe

Having just received a phone call about final refunds we thought it was appropriate to reflect on the whirlwind events (excuse the pun) of the Boardmasters cancellation catastrophe. When planning and hosting events there is one thing that is totally out of our control – the weather. Like any event…
September 12, 2019

Hello Malta!

Malta is one of those destinations that has been hiding under the radar for some time now in my eyes. Personally, I had heard of Malta before but never gave it much thought or investigation. Since recently visiting the incredible island, I’m kicking myself for not going sooner! Top tip:…
August 19, 2019

Beautiful Berlin

Berlin has been a destination that I’ve wanted to visit for a while. There’s not been a reason as to why I’ve never been, but I definitely haven’t been proactive enough to get a trip booked before recently. I’ve always heard such positive reviews about the city and been told…
August 13, 2019