There’s no denying that the world is currently facing some extraordinary challenges that no one could’ve imagined 3 months ago. There we were all thinking that Brexit was going to be the hot topic of 2020 but here we are amid the COVID-19 drama!

Christmas Elves

There’s no denying that the world is currently facing some extraordinary challenges that no one could’ve imagined 3 months ago. There we were all thinking that Brexit was going to be the hot topic of 2020 but here we are amid the COVID-19 drama!

However, we must remain positive, optimistic and excited for what’s to come when we get through the chaos – which will definitely happen! One thing that the Freshly Squeezed Events team are focusing on is Christmas (yes, you did read that correctly) Christmas is our focus.

Now we know that’s it’s only March but with most of the events industry shifting all of their booked 2020 dates to the end of the year, you’d be amazed at how busy the Christmas period is getting already. Don’t panic however – the Freshly Squeezed Events team are here to help with all things Christmas & manage your festive extravaganza event!

We think this is exactly what is needed to charge moral in the offices (or the current working from home setups) to surge some positivity and excitement to your well deserving employees and business networks. The thought of Christmas is a little crazy for March we know but if your teams know your planning one huge party for the end of the year, the current situation we’re all in doesn’t seem so bad – there really is light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s fairy lights on a Christmas tree!)

Whether you want an elegant black-tie ball, a long weekend away in the countryside, hit the beach for some winter sunshine or a crazy festive office takeover – Freshly Squeezed can do it all…and more!

To help the Freshly Squeezed Team get into the festive spirit we have created our list of essentials for any Christmas Party….

  1. An amazing venue

Go for a venue or destination that’s classy, quirky, funky or completely abstract – the choice is yours and my word, what a choice you have!

  1. Theme & fancy dress

Yes, it’s Christmas & winter but take it one step further to connect every single element of your event. Previous themes that FSE have done include; The Roaring 20’s, Peaky Blinders, Brilliantly British, Decade themes (60’s, 70’s, 80’s & 90’s are always winners) and even “dress up as something beginning with the first letter of your name…”

  1. Decorations 

No matter how amazing the venue & theme of the event are, people love to be amazed. There’s no better feeling when your guests arrive and there is instant chitter chatter about the look & feel of the event before it’s even started! The WOW factor is so important to every event, especially the Christmas ones which have extra high expectations from your employees & clients

  1. Food

Food glorious food! An absolute essential for any event but for a Christmas bonanza – it’s even more so. You can go for a traditional Christmas Roast theme for a sit-down dinner or mix it up with; bowl food, street market stalls, self-service stations, a hog roast or even an outdoor winter BBQ! There is no limit to what you can or can’t do with your catering but do give it a thought because you don’t want hangry guests on your hands (An FSE favourite…. Bacon butties at midnight to keep the crowds going through the early hours is an essential)

  1. The Bar

Drinks glorious drinks! Just like your food, there is a lot to plan and decide on with your bar & drinks service. The style & theme of your event will easily dictate the best way to choose your drinks, but there are so many different options (like with everything!) Some of the pervious FSE successes include; a Vodka Ice Luge, Slush Puppy machines, luxury Gin stations, live cocktail master classes & a mini Beer festival with personalised Steins to name just a few….

  1. Music

A stylish DJ, rocking band, quirky choirs, a banging playlist – or a combination of everything! Music is so important to set the tone of an event & bring everything together. One song can either raise the roof and have guests dancing for hours, or they’ll be doing an awkward one step bob on the edge of the dance floor whilst they clock watch until home time. Obviously, we want every inch of your dance floor filled until you’re pulling people out at closing time! Live music is always a bonus so considering a band, singer or even karaoke is a very good idea.

  1. A surprise!

People love a surprise. Make the most of the festive season and add a real WOW factor to your event. Some of the FSE favourites include; fire breathers, elves, reindeers & a visit from Santa, karaoke, celebrity performance, bonus prizes, vouchers & trips to win throughout the event, a pre-planned party to follow on from the main event (VIP clubs & tables) the list goes on….

  1. The Guestlist

No event is worth doing unless you have people to attend. One of the most special moments is when you take a second to look around a room and see it bursting full of your friends, colleagues and partners. Create a buzz in the workplace and get everyone excited for the event. Countdowns, regular updates and even mini treasure hunts to reveal details about the event all work. If you’re excited, then it won’t take long for the feeling to spread…

Christmas is a wonderful, exciting and celebratory time of year. Make the most of 2020 and go out with a BANG! Freshly Squeezed Events are here to do all the hard work for you and make the whole process a walk in the park (or a winter wonderland!)

So, what are you waiting for? You might not be ready for Christmas, but we certainly are.

Give your friendly pink FSE elves call today….

Christmas Elf
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