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Not far from the Algarve, Lisbon is fast becoming one of the ‘must see’ destinations in Europe.  Lisbon is an ancient city that modernizes itself by just updating and improving what it’s always had.

Nothing has been destroyed and re-built, but instead developed so the original history, beauty and architecture remains. The natural beauty of this city makes it a highly sought-after destination. Loose yourself within the cobbled streets of the old town and look across the endless ocean views from beautiful terraces you accidentally find. Whizz around town by Tuk Tuk, tram or car and find the endless wonders this city has to offer. Hop on a boat and enjoy the coastline at speed. Indulgence, excitement, relaxation, history, beauty – and of course great party, can all be found in this amazing city. Lisbon really is a sensational destination that will not disappoint, and you won’t want to miss out on it! So, what are you waiting for?
Lisbon offers a wealth of culture, fine food and places to explore.

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