Lapland casts a powerful spell and irresistibly haunts the imagination and memory. There is something intangible here that makes it magic. The midnight sun, the Sámi people, the aurora borealis (Northern Lights), the incredible activities add to this breathtaking environment.

For an experience that money simply can’t buy, Lapland will be the trip of a lifetime: The atmosphere, the action and the scenery will leave you reeling – and that’s before you experience the Lapp nightlife! Husky Dog Mushing/Sledding, Ice Diving, Ice Breaker, Ice Driving, Reindeer mushing, Quad biking, Snowmobile Safaris, Snow Hotel, Ice Hotel, Igloo Experience, The Northern Lights, Skiing, snow saunas, alfresco hot tubs, ice bars…an endless list of excitement.



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