Malta is one of those destinations that has been hiding under the radar for some time now in my eyes. Personally, I had heard of Malta before but never gave it much thought or investigation. Since recently visiting the incredible island, I’m kicking myself for not going sooner!

Top tip: Research new things straight away and learn about them in the moment! Don’t leave them on a ‘to do list’ or ‘I’ll remember that for next time’ – action, action, action. 

So, where to be begin with the summary of Malta?

Headlines you need to know…

  • There are 275 days of sunshine a year (That’s over 3000 hours!)
  • Malta is made up of three islands; Malta, Gozo and Comino. All three can be visited within one trip and is a great way to hit the waters and take a boat out for the day
  • There is amazing food and local wines to discover – don’t play it safe when eating out
  • Flights from the UK are frequent and very quick
  • It’s a perfect holiday destination or even a long weekend for some chill time, action, fun and a bit of luxury thrown in there too

I went to Malta over a long weekend and I was lucky enough to be greeted by glorious sunshine (always a bonus when visiting somewhere new) My first stop was the Grand harbour and the town of Bigru. What a place to start! Glistening blue waters, incredible architecture and the most wonderful winding pathways and streets to lose yourself around. After some exploring, I jumped on board a boat and sailed out of the harbour and headed towards St Julian’s. From the waters you had views for miles and could see the famous town and capital of Malta, Valetta.

Lisbon Street

Top tip: Make sure you take a boat trip if you ever visit Malta. It’s the quickest way to see the island and the most enjoyable! 

Next up; St George’s Bay. This area was pumping with life and activity. I experienced a night out in Paceville and can highly recommend this area for the party people! There was a whole strip of clubs and bars all of which had mega cheap drinks and a huge variety of music and themes – guaranteed to keep everyone in the group happy.

Then onto Mdnia, a fortified city in the Northern Region of Malta. Incredible architecture and views from a height. Well worth the visit and I can recommend going in the evening time for dinner as the lighting is truly beautiful.

Top tip: Travel if you can by vintage vehicles. The island is not short on them and some of them are a work of art! Buses and cars are a plenty and you won’t be disappointed by the special journey. 

The Blue Grotto (yes you read that right) is a wonder. Located near to the town of Zurrieq feast your eyes on the stunning sea caves and deep blue waters.

The waters are like nothing else and really are a thing of beauty. Sail around the caves and go scuba diving to really get the best experience in this special spot. It’s certain you’ll be able to see for miles in the waters as they’re so clear (this picture doesn’t do them any justice but at least it gives you an idea!)

I could write a book about each destination I visit but who has time to read that!? I like to detail some of my favoruites parts and then summarise some key highlights and recommendations…

  1. Go to Valetta 
  2. Sail between the three islands
  3. Swim with Tuna in Gozo
  4. Scuba diving is a must!
  5. Drink the local wines and find a new favourite grape
  6. Hit the nightlife scene in Paceville and party the night away
  7.  Visit some of the most famous movie sets including; The Da Vinci Code, Gladiator and Game of Thrones
  8. Make sure you try a traditional Pastizzi – the most popular Maltese snack (sweet & savoury versions available) 

The list is endless for things you can do in Malta. However, whatever you choose to do with your time you’re sure to be surround by beautiful views, architecture and great food of course.

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