The current circumstances the world is having to exist through are mind boggling. We’re facing situations that nobody could even begin to imagine just one month ago. COVID-19 has completely rocked our world and everything we thought and knew to be “normal”.

As we move into the next stage of this world-wide pandemic, it’s becoming clearer that a lot of people are facing a whole new mix of life experiences and the Freshly Squeezed Team are no exception! Mental & physical health is so important to so many of us and we need to make sure that during the follow weeks and months (no matter how weird they may get!) we still protect our wellbeing and pay it every bit of attention – and even more so than normal right now.

The FSE team are used to a busy office, long hours and jumping between events, meetings & plane rides! For us, none of this is normal like for a lot of others. At times, it can be very frustrating because we can’t do our jobs that we love so much whilst surrounded by lots of people. So, the team had to think about how they can make this unnormal living feel a little more normal – whilst sticking to the government rules of course. For example, there are so many of us out there who are experiencing “working from home” for the first time or are having to work completely alone instead of a busy office. We’re all in this together and everyone is quite literally in the same boat no matter who you talk to. This isn’t a forever thing and we just need to keep plodding along as best we can. To do this (or at least help) the FSE team have created a list of existence techniques and “must dos” to help us through this isolation period and hopefully make everything a little more normal. So, where to start…

Worldwide Events
  1. Stick to your normal routine

This may seem obvious but it’s so easy to spend an extra 5 minutes in bed in the morning. However, that 5 minutes will quickly become half an hour and then an hour – you don’t want to get to the point where it’s impossible to get out of bed! Understandably, we don’t have to allow for commute times or extra faff time each morning now so use that as your extra chill time in bed instead. To keep yourself in check and well-motivated, sticking to your normal daily timings and schedule will be a big help. You’re still working and being paid so try to keep it normal (whatever normal maybe for you!) To do lists, planners, diaries and notes will help keep you focused & on track. A healthy, organised mind = productivity & a healthy mindset

Get enough sleep
Work From Home
  1. Create a comfortable and focused working space / area / cave / hideaway

The idea of working from home is great but sometimes the reality isn’t as expected. We find it works best when you create your workspace and set it up as if it’s your normal work office or desk. Whether it be a section of the dining room table, a desk in your bedroom, converting the spare room or a takeover of an area in the kitchen – make it work for you. It’s important to identify a workspace so you know the difference between working hours and time off. There is a tendency for working hours to overrun just because you’re at home. It also works the other way around as you’re at home it’s easy to feel like you’re not in the working zone or mood. If you have a desk or area to go to however, it all becomes a lot easier.

  1. Break up your time & get some fresh air everyday

As mentioned above, it’s easy for the hours to run away and before you know it you’ve been stuck looking at a screen for over 10 hours without even realising. Sticking to your normal work routine or creating a new one for the isolation situation will keep you on track. Within this schedule it’s essential to make time to get outside. Whether this is a walk, sitting in the garden with a drink or book or playing with the dog/kids/partner/roommate it will break up your day, get some fresh air into your lungs and clear your head.

  1. Take time for you

As well as planning time to get outside, make sure you do something each day for yourself. As we’re not leaving home and doing our usual day-to-day activities, it’s important to prioritise yourself. We do this naturally each day or week without even noticing! Whether it’s going to a new gym class, buying a treat at the supermarket, spending an extra hour with a good book, having a long bath or doing an online order – they’re all examples of self-care. Due to the current circumstances, all of these are either impossible or very difficult to achieve. Write a new list of things you could do to treat yourself and tick a few off a week. These could be things such as; cooking a new recipe, baking a tasty treat, learning a new skill, going for a walk in a new spot, colouring, finding a ‘must read’ book list or choosing a new Netflix special to binge watch – anything that works for you as a treat, creates a big feel-good mood or allows you to completely relax.

  1. Exercise! 

Healthy mind, healthy self, healthy being. Use your time outside to go on a run or complete an online gym class. There are so many amazing classes, live feeds, sign ups & apps to do online or download that you won’t be bored or without content! Some of our favourites include: Joe Wicks, Bradley Simmonds, Stef Fit, Chessie King, Fearne Cotton, Krissy Cela, Les Mills, Calm, Couch To 5K and many, many more… Keep moving & keep positive! Set new goals, try new things but most importantly get the heart rate up and the endorphins pumping!

Virtual Events
  1. Contact & socialisation

Whether you’re living with family, alone, with a partner or have kids – keeping in contact & socialising is so important. Keep it regular and make time to do it. Whether it’s a family facetime, a group quiz or just some drinks on a Friday night with friends or co-workers, make sure it’s booked in and it happens! It will make you feel a million times better to see a smiling face (or 8 on a group call) and will also be reassuring to hear that every single person is in the same boat. No one will have anything to report or update one another on (unless it’s work related) because no one is doing anything. However, just having a laugh and a conversation with someone different will have a huge impact. With the people you live with, plan ‘no phone time’ when everyone is off their devices and try to play a game, cook or just chill out together.

  1. Eat, drink & re-energise

It may sound silly because everyone knows that you need to eat & drink but when you’re at home for infinite hours and back-to-back days, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you forget to eat or how the snack cupboard becomes your best friend! Like with everything else, stick to a schedule. Time breakfast around your wake-up time or workouts, have lunch with the people you’re living with or keep it solo and have a set time for dinner because 10pm can quickly become the new 7pm! Planning menus can also be a huge help (especially with the current empty supermarkets shelves) but there’s always a way around it. Of course, have your sweet treats and your takeaway substitute on a Friday but don’t get caught in bad habits that you’d never normally be drawn to.

Recharge be healthy
Thank You

And there we have it. These are just a few hints & tips from the FSE team which we hope will bring a little bit of assistance or a smile during these uncertain times. As well as all the above, staying positive, reaching out to friends/family/co-workers on the bad days and just slowing down a little bit will be a huge help. Appreciate the good bits (we love reflecting with our 3 highlights or good bits of each day) and breathe through the not so good bits. We will get through this together and our “normal” will return.

The FSE team are sending love, health, positivity and a smile to all of those reading this post. And an extra big shout-out to the NHS, Teachers, Delivery drivers, supermarket staff and all those other heroes working through these times to keep the world spinning.

So, until we’re back blogging again…. (which will be very soon) take care & keep smiling!